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Posted by Sarjana Ekonomi on Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

If you truly want to understand people, you have to learn a common language in order to communicate with them. If you wish to travel the world, you may be able to observe different cultures and watch different people in their daily lives, and yet you will not truly know them until you have communicated with them through a common language.

When you watch people, you will be able to see what they do; but without actually talking to them, you will fail to understand why they do it. Understanding people and culture consists of more than just taking photographs and memorizing details about their clothes and their celebrations; it requires going to the root of their reasons and traditions, and knowing what truly drives a culture. Often, this is told in stories and in oral histories. Communication through a common verbal language will enable you to really understand the identity of a people.

Understanding people today is crucial, because the world is getting smaller and interaction between people from different backgrounds and cultures is becoming quite commonplace. Because of the development of technology, people from all over the world today need each other in order to achieve progress and this means they need to understand each others culture.

Of course, when you take a look at all the cultures and languages of the world, you will realize that there is no way you can learn all the languages needed to communicate with each person in their native tongue. This is the reason why a global language is needed. This is also the reason that people must take it upon themselves to learn English. Let's face it: English is probably the most widely spoken and understood language in the world. Anywhere you go around the world, there is always someone who understands and speaks English. This means that learning English will empower you to connect with people and understand cultures all over the world. Through the English language, you will be able to hear and understand all about people, their cultures and what makes them tick. The English language will certainly open your eyes to a world of colorful history.

Every culture is rooted in language. Without language, people would not have become "people," but would instead be simply a bunch of individuals. When people hear the word "language," they immediately think of words, but there is more to language than verbal communication. Everything we do - how we behave, what we say, how we clothe ourselves - serves as a language that can be interpreted. It is through these forms of communication that we can connect with other human beings and they with us. It is through language that we become the human race and not just a group of individuals belonging to the same species.

Although non-verbal language can help us to communicate basic ideas, words are needed to transcend that basic communication. Through words, people are better able to communicate whole thoughts and not just ideas. Another reason for using words is the fact that words can be interpreted much more specifically. Almost all of the non-verbal symbols that people use to interpret ideas today are borne out of experience and are pretty much involuntary. People smile when they are happy, flinch when they experience pain, etc. Words, however, can convey ideas that body language cannot.

Think of it: even sign language uses words to give form and transmit ideas. The fact that language is the root of culture can also be seen in its evolution. When you take a look at language, you will realize that new words are formed constantly in order to enable people to communicate new ideas. As technology evolves and people experience or discover new things, new words are required to communicate them. As this is happening, the need for a common language is also becoming more evident. The world is becoming smaller thanks to technological advances in communication.

When you look at a lot of places today, you will realize that culture has become global. Sure, communities do retain their cultural identities, but they also learn how to adapt to others. In this new world where cultures mix and are respected by everyone, the English language has emerged as the language of choice. Why? Well it is mainly because of the adaptability of the English language to other cultures. It is also because of the fact that so many people today understand the language.

What this basically means is that anyone who wishes to understand and join the culture of the world today needs to learn English. Doing so will greatly help in understanding people, their behavior, and the ideas that they circulate.

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