Install the GeForce4 440 in a Dell Inspiron 8100

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This web page was originally developed and hosted by Lee R. Chasse. He no longer host this web page but he has kindly allowed me to host it so it can continue to be shared with everyone. I have modified the page slightly to fit into my web site.
1. Download the I8200 Driver set for the Nvidia GeForce4 440 Display Adaptor. Unzip to a folder you will recognize - ie., c:\display_8200. 

2. Using Device Manager REMOVE your present Display Adaptor ie., GeForce2 GO Mobile

3. Shut down your notebook and then remove AC power and remove battery.

4. Turn notebook over and remove the indicated 4 screws marked with a ' K ' including one that might be marked ' K/M ' as was on mine.
5. Turn the notebook back over and you can lift the keyboard gently from the right side by inserting a flat object (not sharp) under the 'blank key' and raising it. (Photo 2) 

6. The right side raises but the left side is actually a tab that fits in a slot. Raise the keyboard 45 degrees and slide it out of the slot. The flex cable for the keyboard is exposed, raise it straight up gently. Place the keyboard away from the unit

7. Unsnap the bezel (panel with power and volume button slots from underneath the LCD screen by gently prying UP on the wraparound edge (adjust LCD to get the best position) It will unsnap. Place it to the side where you won't lean or press on it. (photo 3 has benzel still on) Your video card will be entirely exposed now. You will see 3 screws holding it down. Make note of the middle screw which has (on mine) a grounding tab. Remove the 3 screws and lift your video card STRAIGHT UP as it has a slot near the right edge. Unhook the flex cable and place your video card out of the way
8. Install the new card (do not remove the white insulator material) in the reverse order you took out the old card, insuring you gently press the center connector firmly into place. Connect the flex cable to the LCD and put in the 3 screws insuring you put in the middle screw with the ground tab correctly.

9. To reconnect the keyboard I suggest a third hand to hold the keyboard UP and level while you connect the flex cable. (Photo 4) shows me trying it alone. Difficult to line up. Press the connection gently but firmly into the slot.

End - With the video card and keyboard firmly in place, snap the benzel back in gently. Holding your notebook firmly, turn it over and rest it on the keyboard and place the 4 screws back in. Screw them in gently (do not STRIP). Turn your notebook back over.
Drivers - To install the drivers for your new card, connect the AC and put in the Battery and start your notebook. When prompted for NEW DEVICE, select 'install from list or specific location' and then select 'don't search, I will choose the driver' - If you see Display Adaptor listed with other components select IT and then click 'have disk' and 'browse' to the location where you put those drivers (you remember don't you? c:\display_8200). Select the .inf file showing GeForce4 440 (if there are two just take the first one) click 'next' click 'finish'.
Reboot, select the resolution and color depth and Shazam - You Are Done ! Maybe the FN + F7 will help on initial screen ( Right John A & Stonent ? )
Hope this helps out and gets you going - Lee
For Tutorial Image View, Klick here :

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