Cooperative Learning

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          Basically, learning strategy the cooperative learning very inquire in education. Because the learning easy in accepted information, the  learning is study together or the group, but in this learning must be responsibility individual, thus  learning can accept the better. This learning can make the students think creative not only one people which responsibility, but responsibility personality  and also together and in here the teacher appreciated who can to evaluated for better, and being this learning we can solve the problems that be in context which we learn in the group.
            The cooperative learning also basically can involves learn student in each group, in here also have they students in learn, how learn more effective and in mentioned the group, also not specific structure because that  be assignment the students and teacher configure. In the learn that strategy, a teacher  just see how and what that do the students. After a teacher explain in learn strategy, and it also the cooperative learning a teacher not differentiate the students, nothing which good and bad, and nothing which clever and stupid.
            Cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each which student of the different levels as ability, use a variety of learning, activities to improve their understanding of the subject.[1]
Cooperative learning is a method of instruction that has student working together in groups to arsi a good in the learning.[2]
            Cooperative learning also and approach organizing classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences.

            According Anita Lie in this book “ Cooperative Learning” That the learning cooperative learning models are not the same as simply learning group, but there are basic element that distinguish the directions have carried out carelessly. [3]
Elliot (200:59) Cooperative learning definition as one set of method in structional the teacher give spirit to student in work task.[4]
Roger and David Johnson said not all group work can be considered to Cooperative Learning, for the five element that must be applied learning model of mutual aid that is:
1.      Positive interdependence
The success of a work in highly dependent on the efforts of each member. To create an effective working group teacher need to develop tasks such that each group member must complete the tasks themselves so that others can achieve their goals.[5]
2.      Individual Responsibility
If the tasks and the pattern of judgments are made according to procedure learning Cooperative Learning models, each students will feel responsible to do your best. Effective teachers in Cooperative Learning models make preparations and arange tasks so that each group member must crry out its own responsibility to the not tasks in the group can be implemented.
3.      Face To Face
The Cooperative Learning group should be given every opportunity to need and discuss. Activities of these interactions will provide the learners to from a synergy is to appreciate the difference, taking advantage, and fill a gap.
4.      Communication Between Members
This element requires that the learners equipped with skills to communicate, become to success of a group also depends on the willingness of its member to listen to each other and there ability to express their opinions, communication skills in the group is also along process. However, this process is a process that very mainfull, and should be taken to enrich the learning experience and fostering mental and emotional development of students.
5.      Evaluation Process Of Group.
Teacher need for a specific time schedule for the group process and the results of their cooperation in order to subsequently be able to work together more effectively.
According Anita Lie in her book “ Cooperative Learning” That learning not only same with cooperative Learning, but still be basic element which can different  with the divisions group is with do reasons.
Elliot (200:59) Cooperative learning definition as one set of method in structional student motivate to work together in do it.
Roger and David Johnson, They said, that work the group not at all can be considered to Cooperative learning. This for five elements learning model of the cooperative learning is:
1.      Positive Interdependence
The effort can generated something upon every teams, to create an effective in the group performance, Teacher must structure assigment in such away, until the group can responsibility and can finish assignment themselves. In other that which another understood purpose them.
2.      Individual Responsibility
If assignment the  task give according to procedures learn model cooperative learning, and then the students will hard work,  responsibility and better doing in the learn, teacher an effective must also structure the assignment in such away, until each their group can accomplish assignment the better and responsibility above themselves until they can do next assignment in teams.
3.      Face To Face
In the learning, every group requisite for face to face and discussion. In the students activity not allow to form synergy that advantageous all terms. Pith is must be different appreciate, utility advantageous, fill deficiency of each group.
4.      Communication Between Members
The element existence, in order that every student can be supplied with various communication skill because success sometime  group it depend on member of solidarity and can be accept their member opinion. Communication skill in grooup that is process very rewarding and very important for learning experience and founding mental development and students emotional.
5.      Evaluation Process Of Group
Time specific schedule very important for the group to evaluated performance of procedure group and their work result, in other that they can do other assignment.
The according Anita Lie, Roger and David Johnson, they are according next to same about Cooperative learning, but Anita Lie just said the learning not same with merely studied together, but there are basic element wich can different the group and she not comment about it.
Roger and David Johnson they said, taht work the group not at all can judgment cooperative learning, but they comment the element which applied in the learning.
While Elliot (2000:59) definition about it is give spirit to the student in oder that student motivated to finish the task.

Cooperative learning partnership which involves students in the learning, and in this learning we  can solve an exiting problem in the laerning together.
According Ani Lie, Roger and David Johness, to them nearly the same, they said, That this learning not only to cooperave learning, but still many other elements that can  be said this cooperative, but Anita no mention of such elements.
Roger and David Johness they mention the elements so the obvious reason, why do not all work together it is considered cooperative learning.
While Elliot (2000:59) definition about it is give spirit to the student in oder that student motivated to finish the task.

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