FORWARD (Pendahuluan Dalam Bahasa Inggris)

Posted by Sarjana Ekonomi on Jumat, 04 Mei 2012


Praise be to Allah SWT. Lord of the worlds. The next successive shallowest flattered greetings let us serve the natural fold of the Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions, because with him the grace and guidance I can compile and complete the proposal. This writer is like a drop of water amid the sea of education. But the authors of this proposal can participate for the sake of advancing the educational success of the nation and state.
This proposal in stacking to satisfy the course, the material covered in a variety of literature sources, the proposal addresses the problem “IMPROVING STUDENT ABILITY IN WRITING DESCRIPTIVE TEXT THROUGHT CONTEXTUAL TEACHING AND LEARNING” authors also realize that in writing this proposal, both the language and its compilation steps are still many shortcoming, but the authors have tried their best to provide good, for that critism and suggestions dear all parties that are built for the perfection of this proposal will receive the author be happy. Finally a rich introduction to pronounce yours respectfully.
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Jumat, Mei 04, 2012

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