PayPal Verification Without Using Credit Cards

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There are two types of verification before you start please read the following pages about: Verify PayPal with VCC and Local Bank.Explanation Regarding Verification by Local Bank. Verify Paypal, PayPal Verification Type and Usefulness Paypal implementing new provisions in the verification of your data in your Paypal account.For more details, let us refer to the article below: (Excerpted from

1. CC verification or credit card (this is KEY verification).If you want to use paypal as a means of transaction, whether buying / sending money / pay for something or accept payment / funds from other paypal, then paypal you have to verify the validity of the CC as a guarantee of your transactions. This verification is active.What if you do not have a CC or a credit card? Of course you can use VCC as a substitute for credit card / paypal CC requested.Without CC to verify paypal, your transaction will not be smooth. I can assure you that. For those of you who verify paypal VCC via Indonesia, you have to fill in paypal funds before using your paypal account to trade.

2. Verification of bank account or bank data (this is the verification SECONDARY).Read the following instructions on the PayPal User Verification Using Local Banks First, simply ask for verification CC paypal only to you. Now, paypal add a new security system, the verification of your bank account to paypal. As a proof of verification, paypal will send paypal to your bank code, specifically to your account.This verification is passive, because the bank account used only for receiving funds from paypal account to your bank account.

Well ... for those who intend to build a business from the internet, then you should already have an account at Paypal. With Paypal you can send money to anyone and anywhere without exception throughout the world.In principle, Paypal is also similar to a bank account. When you register an account in Paypal, we will be given the name accounts (rather like a bank account number). Name of account is a valid email address us, considering none of the same email address in this world the same, although the owners were the same.So .. you might think, how to take the money in our Paypal account? Is Paypal provides ATM? He ... 3x ... No friends, Paypal does not provide ATM. So ... how do I retrieve it? To take money from our account in Paypal, we first have to transfer to our bank account. This process the term is 'Withdraw'. 

Well ... then the money can be taken. So .. if you already have a Paypal account, you should also have a bank account in Indonesia. It is up to any bank.From the above, you probably think of doing must use Paypal, it can directly transfer money from online business via the bank? He ... 3x ... what if you are sending money to the people of America or Britain? And you only have a bank account in BNI, for example. Of course this makes trouble in the money transfer process. Well ... this is where the role of Paypal. Paypal info click here Once you have a Paypal account, before continuing to the next step. You're all set. It is not yet active (verified). Well ... to activate your account you must enter your credit card data. So ... how donk if we do not have a credit card? Do not worry ... any credit card purchase virtual services (virtual credit card - vcc) to activate specific Paypal account. One is a virtual credit card (virtual credit card - vcc) click the following link here to verification by the card vcc Why I highly recommend the purchase of VCC Here's why:
Buy Here       

 ^ ^Safe. VCC purchasing process is secure and there was no fraud at all. And the product is a legal and copyright Reliable. You can trust the VCC because it is clear who it is who has the purchasing services VCC (mas Hengky). One of the characteristics of fraud on the internet is the name of the owner of the site is hidden (not clear).

The process is quick and easy. Purchasing process and verify Paypal VCC is very fast (in just 10 minutes or less) and easy, as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 ...Support services. 24-hour support service if you have difficulty in the process of verification of Paypal account and continues to provide clues verification steps when you need it.Guaranteed. VCC you purchase through protected by copyright by the question. So do not be afraid if the product is misused by another person or party.Oh, yes, one more ... do not easily believe a similar program that offers purchasing services VCC with a very low price. Expensive and cheapness of a product depends on the quality of products and quality service and support. Indeed, the VCC is a bit expensive compared to other similar programs are more scattered in Indonesia. 

But ... expensive a product must be balanced with quality.Well ... after you buy VCC, you will be given credit number and 3 digit verification code. Your next task is to enter a credit number and verification code into your Paypal account. The trick is to go into your account through the login process. If your account is not active, after you login directly confronted with the form to enter a credit number and verification code.Wait a moment, and your account will be active or verified. You also now can receive and send payments to the rest of the world safely and quickly. If you want to verify PayPal, you can use international credit cards such as Citibank. Or, you can also buy a Virtual Credit Card VCC whose function replaces your credit card.VCC function being sold is limited to verification. VCC does not sell for shopping.PayPal now existing in Indonesian language, so you do not need confused again.

As you can maybe you have a PayPal Premier type (Primary).To verify PayPal, after you buy VCC, are as follows:

1. You login to PayPal, to go to Account Overview.

2. See the to do list, you will find the Link and Confirm you card. Click there.

3. Enter your VCC number (16 digits, card type, expiry date and CVV2 or security code), then you click add card (add card).

4. You should confirm VCC number, until the requested PayPal code. Ask the PayPal code into the admin VCC enter into the fields and click submit.

FINISHED! Direct your PayPal verified (verified). Click the following link here to get the card verification vcc
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