5 Fatal Mistakes When Shopping Online

Posted by Sarjana Ekonomi on Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Shopping online is one of the favorite activities of many women. But not infrequently many are disappointed by it. This 5 fatal mistakes you should avoid when shopping online.

A. Fooled image

The photos in the online store can sometimes be deceiving. Not infrequently, many are deceived, because when the goods arrived, the quality is very much with that in the picture. Therefore, do not trigger appetite. Ask to detail is also the size of the material goods. For clothes, ask chest width and hip width in centimeters. For shoes, check the length of each footprint size, so you do not buy one.

2. Fooled prices 

Many online shops offering goods at below market prices. But do not be tempted to rush. Not a few online stores that became the mode of fraud. When buyers are tempted to buy many goods and transfer the money, the seller disappeared like smoke ingested. Never trust if the price offered is unreasonable. Do not also shop at any online store. Choose a trusted shops and getting good reviews from its buyers.

3. Storing personal information on computers and do not lock 

Sometimes we store credit card numbers after transactions online and do not turn on the computer security system. This is very dangerous because it could be someone else using a credit card to shop without your knowledge.

4. A slow Internet connection 

A slow Internet connection can hurt you when shopping online. When you conduct a transaction with a credit card in an unstable connection, the error is very likely to occur. Your transaction may fail, but the bill had already entered your credit card. Make sure you use the Internet connection is stable before shopping online.

5. Not take into account postage 

Price of goods you buy it cheap, but also try to check the cost kirimnya. If you and the buyer are in one location, usually the shipping cost is not expensive, but if other cities and even countries, lest, you pay postage was more expensive than the price of the goods themselves.
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Selasa, Juli 24, 2012

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