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1. Dream of seeing swans:Address luck to get a lover. 

2. Dream feeding geese:Will get loyal friend. 
3. Dream of seeing a lot of goats:Successful business and kosher fortune. 
4. Dream eat mutton:Will receive a kosher fortune. 

5. Dreams see veins on the cheeks goats:Will a lot of rain. 
6. Dream milking goat's milk:Will get annoyed while. 
7. Dream up a buffalo or cow:Will be the glory. 
8. Dream ride a horse:Will work objectives. 
9. Dream ride a camel:Will gain honor. 
10. Dream ride elephants:Will become official. 
11. Dream up a beautifully decorated elephant:Would beloved big man. 
12. Dream killing elephants:Be adhered people. 
13. Dream of seeing elephants fight with an elephant:Address officers quarreled with the officials. 
14. Dream of seeing an elephant in a circus:Will do foolishness. 
15. The dream to see a mother elephant with her son:Your family will live in peace. 
16. Dream slaughtered goats:Would be profitable in business. 
17. Dream of seeing deer come in your home:Address will get a mate. 
18. Dreaming about pigs:Will do the job badly. 
19. The dream to kill a pigShalt triumph of his enemies 
20. Dreams of playing with the mouse:The address will be mocked his enemies. 
21. The dream to kill rats:Will be able to defeat your opponent. 
22. Dream of seeing animals skinny-skinny:Be expensive food and clothing. 
23. Dream of seeing fat cattle:Will prosper and cheap food and clothing. 
24. Dream conversing with animals:Address will hold a magnifying job. 
25. Dream follow wild animals:Will address elderly. 
26. Dream ride horse armor:Address escape from disaster. 
27. Dream ride a white horse:Address will receive world happiness hereafter. 
28. Dream of eating horse meat:Address will acquire wealth. 
29. Dream cat into your home:Address anyone want to ride your home. 
30. Dreams captured wolf:Will address gullible people. 
31. Dream tigers into the city:Address will be attacked by an enemy nation. 
32. Dream tame tigers:Addresses have riches that are not kosher. 
33. Dreams drink cow's milk:Address will prosper. 
34. Dream horse drinking milk:Address will be rich and elderly. 
35. Dream of seeing a lot of chickens:Be satisfied life 
36. Dream chasing chickensWill obtain maid 
37. Dream slaughtered chickensWill be glorious 
38. Dream obtained cockWill have children 
39. Dream eat chickenWill acquire assets 
40. Dreams lost chickenWill lose child 
41. Dream feed the chickensWill your job success 
42. Dream clawed kittenWill diomong-empty fools 
43. Dreaming dogAddress will be happy 
44. Dream of seeing a dog shaking its tailEasily complete address urgent business 
45. Dream of seeing a dog fightBe reconciled with your opponent disputes. 
46. Diggigit dream of a dog:Warning that you alert. 
47. Dream of seeing white fluffy dog:Be friendly with orrang honest. 
48. Dreaming dog barks:Beware many dangers around you. 
49. Dream of seeing a fat sheep:Address good, have a happy family. 
50. Dream eat locusts:Address earn halal money. 
51. Dream no grasshoppers eat rice:Address will be happy. 
52. Dream of holding a belilis:Be blessed anka unlawful. 
53. Dream holds doves:Be blessed with good children. 
54. Dream of seeing a rhinoceros:Will have a big impact in the community. 
55. Dream catch fish:Will earn money but a quick ending. 
56. Dream eat fish:Will earn lawful money. 
57. The dream saw a whale:Close friend you're going. 
58. Dream of catching fish from clear water:Will berkasil in your business. 
59. Dream of seeing people catch fish:Will regain inner balance. 
60. Dreaming big fish:There was an increase in finance. 
61. Dream of seeing small fish:Your heart will be disappointed.62. Dreaming about goldfish:
It would appear a rich bride. 
63. Dream catch goldfish:Address luck be with you. 
64. Dream of eating spiced golden fish:Will earn a lot of money. 
65. Dream of seeing kangaroos from Australia:Trading business will be successful. 
66. Cicada dreaming:Address your life will be good. 
67. Dreams play with cricket:Address for satisfactory health. 
68. Dream of seeing a frog:Will earn a lot of money. 
69. Dreams hear frogs singing:Be applauded by people 
70. Dream of eating live frogs:It would appear the disease. 
71. The dream to kill a frog:Will lose your business. 
72. Dream of holding a frog:There will be additional revenue. 
73. The dream saw a scorpion:There are those who threaten you. 
74. Seeko scorpion stung dream:Betrayed his own friends. 
75. Dream of seeing a lizard:Beware there is an enemy in the blanket. 
76. Dreaming of green lizards:Misunderstandings can be cleared up. 
77. Dream of visiting a zoo:Going on holiday outside the area. 
78. Dreams bring the child to the zoo:Be lucky in financial matters. 
79. Dreaming about centipedes:Will be fearful. 
80. Donkey dream:Be scorned man. 
81. Dream kicked a donkey:Would not hesitate in love. 
82. Dreaming about fluffy white ass:Be successful in personal affairs. 
83. Dream catch a rabbit:Will meet with young people. 
84. Dream of seeing the white rabbitWill feel happy and successful in your business. 
85. Dream eat crab fritters:There was an increase in finance. 
86. Dream crab boil:There is a minor accident. 
87. Dream of seeing crabs:Address your business will lose money. 
88. Dream killed deer:There will be a farewell. 
89. Dream of seeing a deer eating grass:There is a sense in love with someone. 
90. Dream of seeing a cat fall asleep:There is satisfaction in love. 
91. Dreams see beetles crawling in your body:Difficulties will arise in financial trouble. 
92. The dream to kill a beetle:Will be able to cope with financial problems. 
93. Dream of seeing a turtle:There will be guiding you. 
94. Dream of finding a dead turtle:Will lose a friend. 
95. Dream bitten by fleas:There are those who collect debts. 
96. Dream of seeing ticks on other people's bodies:There will be a disappointment. 
97. Fleas kill a dream:Will profit your business. 
98. Dreaming about spiders:Your fate is very doubtful. 
99. Dream cleaning cobwebs:Friendship will crack. 
100. Dream of seeing a spider's web: 
 Keep your feelings in the face of the opposite sex. 
101. Dream of seeing a white doveHope both in business and happiness in the household. 
102. Dream eat meat fried pigeonWill acquire wealth. 
103. Dream spotted a pigeonYou will undertake a journey 
104. The dream saw a pigeon courtship:Will having sex with full of happiness. 
105. Dream of seeing a monkey:Beware of scammers. 
106. Dream of raising a monkey:There will be a traitor 
107. Dream of seeing monkeys climbing trees:Bright hope in matters of love. 
108. Dream a ruthless dragon:Address to lose. 
109. The dream to kill a dragon:Will escape from trouble. 
110. Dream bitten by a mosquitoAddress will be sad. 
111. The dream to kill a mosquito:Will be able to overcome all difficulties. 
112. The dream saw a whale:You worried about something problem. 
113. Dream killed deer:Farewell. 
114. Dream of seeing deer running:Misunderstanding between friends. 
115. Dream of seeing deer eat grass:Will fall in love, attracted the opposite sex. 
116. Dream of seeing a cow shed:Signs of healing an illness. 
117. Dream of seeing the dead cow:Will lose your business. 
118. Dream of milking cows:Will earn a lot of money easily. 
119. The dream of eating beef dish:Will acquire wealth and happiness. 
120. Dream buy bulls:Be friends with rich people. 
121. Dreaming about fluffy white bull:Going ahead in the business.
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Kamis, September 13, 2012

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